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    • Effect of aging on the characteristics of meat from water buffalo grown in the Delta del Paraná region of Argentina 

      Irurueta, Martin; Cadoppi, Armando; Langman, Leandro Ezequiel; Grigioni, Gabriela Maria; Carduza, Fernando Jose (Elsevier, 2008-07)
      Fifteen crossbreed water buffalos were selected from a farm in Delta del Parana´, Entre Rı´os Province, Argentina. Animals were castrated males 20–24 months old reaching final live weights of 400–420 kg. They were predominantly ...
    • Effect of calcium chloride marination on bovine Cutaneus trunci muscle 

      Gonzalez, Claudia Beatriz; Salitto, Valeria A.; Carduza, Fernando Jose; Pazos, Adriana Alejandra; Lasta, Jorge Augusto (Elsevier, 2001-03)
      The aim of this investigation was to determine the possibility of using calcium chloride solution in tough muscles (Cutaneus trunci) to reduce the aging period required to increase tenderness, without introducing undesirable ...