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    • A case study of strategies for fostering international, interdisciplinary research 

      Halvorsen, Kathleen E.; Knowlton, Jessie L.; Mayer, A.S.; Phifer, Colin C.; Martins de Souza, Tatiana; Pischke, Erin C.; Propato, Tamara Sofía; Cavigliasso, Pablo; García, C.; Chiappe, Marta; Eastmond, Amarella; Licata, Julián Andrés; Kuhlberg, Mark; Medeiros, R.; Picasso Risso, Valentin; Mendez, G.; Primo, P.; Frado, A.; Veron, Santiago Ramón; Dunn, J.L. (2016-06)
      Bringing together and successfully managing a highly interdisciplinary (ID) research team of socioeconomic, biophysical, and engineering scientists is highly challenging, particularly when that team includes 20 scientists ...