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    • Cryptochromes are the dominant photoreceptors mediating heliotropic responses of Arabidopsis inflorescences 

      Serrano, Alejandro Miguel; Vanhaelewyn, Lucas; Vandenbussche, Filip; Boccalandro, Hernan Esteban; Maldonado, Belén; Van Der Straeten, Dominique; Ballaré, Carlos Luis; Arana, María Veronica (Wiley, 2021-10)
      Inflorescence movements in response to natural gradients of sunlight are frequently observed in the plant kingdom and are suggested to contribute to reproductive success. Although the physiological and molecular bases of ...
    • Differential UVR8 Signal across the Stem Controls UV-B–Induced Inflorescence Phototropism 

      Vanhaelewyn, Lucas; Viczián, András; Prinsen, Els; Bernula, Péter; Serrano, Alejandro Miguel; Arana, María Veronica; Ballaré, Carlos Luis; Nagy, Ferenc; Van Der Straeten, Dominique; Vandenbussche, Filip (The American Society of Plant Biologists, 2019-09)
      In the course of evolution, plants have developed mechanisms that orient their organs toward the incoming light. At the seedling stage, positive phototropism is mainly regulated by phototropin photoreceptors in blue and ...