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    • Bioactive compound profiling of olive fruit: the contribution of genotype 

      Mousavi, Soraya; Stanzione, Vitale; Mariotti, Roberto; Mastio, Valerio; Azariadis, Aristotelis; Passeri, Valentina; Valeri, Maria Cristina; Baldoni, Luciana; Bufacchi, Marina (MDPI, 2022-04)
      The health, therapeutic, and organoleptic characteristics of olive oil depend on functional bioactive compounds, such as phenols, tocopherols, squalene, and sterols. Genotype plays a key role in the diversity and concentration ...
    • Thermal regime and cultivar effects on squalene and sterol contents in olive fruits: Results from a field network in different Argentinian environments 

      Torres, Myriam Mariela; Pierantozzi, Pierluigi; Contreras Valentín, Ana Cibeles; Stanzione, Vitale; Tivani, Martin; Mastio, Valerio; Gentili, Luciana; Searles, Peter Stoughton; Brizuela, Magdalena; Fernandez, Fabricio; Toro, Alejandro Alberto; Puertas, Carlos Marcelo; Trentacoste, Eduardo Rafael; Kiessling, Juan Roberto; Mariotti, Roberto; Mousavi, Soraya; Bufacci, Marina; Baldoni, Luciana; Maestri, Damian (Elsevier, 2022-09-20)
      Some olive cultivars and production regions around the world, although they may provide good quality olive oils, may not comply with the current commercial regulations establishing acceptable levels of sterols in extra ...