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    • Characterization of grapevine wood microbiome through a metatranscriptomic approach 

      Paolinelli, Marcos; Escoriaza, Maria Georgina; Cesari, Cecilia Alicia; Garcia Lampasona, Sandra Claudia; Hernandez Martinez, Rufina (Springer, 2021-06-30)
      Grapevine trunk diseases threaten wine and table grape production worldwide, primarily by reducing yields and, in its advanced stages, causing plant death. Among those diseases, the complex etiology disease known as hoja ...
    • Characterization of Lasiodiplodia species associated with grapevines in Mexico 

      Rangel Montoya, Edelweiss A.; Paolinelli, Marcos; Rolshausen, Philippe E.; Valenzuela Solano, Cesar; Hernandez Martinez, Rufina (Mediterranean Phytopathological Union, 2021-10-05)
      Botryosphaeria dieback is one of the most prevalent grapevine trunk diseases (GTDs), and is caused by fungi in the Botryosphaeriaceae. Fungi invade grapevine vascular systems mainly through pruning wounds, and cause cankers ...
    • The role of melanin in the grapevine trunk disease pathogen Lasiodiplodia gilanensis 

      Rangel Montoya, Edelweiss Airam; Paolinelli, Marcos; Rolshausen, Philippe; Hernandez Martinez, Rufina (Firenze University Press, 2020-12)
      Lasiodiplodia (Botryosphaeriaceae) includes fungi that are considered among the most aggressive to grapevine, capable of causing cankers and necrotic lesions which eventually lead to death of host plants. A common ...