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    • Catechin and quercetin attenuate adipose inflammation in fructose‐fed rats and 3T3‐L1 adipocytes 

      Vazquez Prieto, Marcela Alejandra; Bettaieb, Ahmed; Rodriguez Lanzi, Cecilia; Soto Vargas, Verónica Carolina; Perdicaro, Diahann Jeanette; Galmarini, Claudio Romulo; Haj, Fawaz G.; Miatello, Roberto Miguel; Oteiza, Patricia I. (Wiley, 2015-04)
      Scope This study evaluated the capacity of dietary catechin (C), quercetin (Q), and the combination of both (CQ), to attenuate adipose inflammation triggered by high fructose (HFr) consumption in rats and by tumor necrosis ...