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    • Plasticity of fruit and oil traits in olive among diferent environments 

      Mousavi, Soraya; De la Rosa, Raúl; Moukhli, Abdelmajid; El Riachy, Milad; Mariotti, Roberto; Torres, Myriam Mariela; Pierantozzi, Pierluigi; Stanzione, Vitale; Mastio, Valerio; Zaher, Hayat; El Antari, Abderraouf; Ayoub, Salam; Dandachi, Faten; Youssef, Hiyam; Aggelou, Nikolas; Contreras Valentín, Ana Cibeles; Maestri, Damián; Belaj, Angjelina; Bufacchi, Marina; Baldoni, Luciana; León, Lorenzo (Springer Nature, 2019)
      Olive is a long-living perennial species with a wide geographical distribution, showing a large genetic and phenotypic variation in its growing area. There is an urgent need to uncover how olive phenotypic traits and ...