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    • Developments in the “profil cultural” method for an improved assessment of soil structure under no-till 

      Boizard, Hubert; Peigné, Joséphine; Sasal, Maria Carolina; Guimarães, Maria De Fátima; Piron, Denis; Tomis, Vincent; Vian, Jean-François; Cadoux, Stéphane; Ralisch, Ricardo; Tavares Filho, João; Heddadj, Djilali; De Battista, Juan Jose; Duparque, Annie; Franchini, Julio Cezar; Roger-Estrade, Jean (Elsevier, 2017-11)
      In France, agronomists have studied the effects of cropping systems on soil structure using a field method that is based on a visual description of the soil structure. This “profil cultural” method was designed as a field ...