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    • SPR Biosensing MUA/Poly-L-lysine platform for the detection of 2,4-Dinitrophenol as small molecule model system 

      Daza Millone, Maria Antonieta; Ramirez, Eduardo A.; Chain, Cecilia Yamil; Crivaro, Andrea; Romanin, David Emmanuel; Rumbo, Martín; Docena, Guillermo H.; Cocco, Mauro D.; Pedano, María Laura; Fainstein, Alejandro; Montoya, Jorgelina Ceferina; Vela, Maria Elena; Salvarezza, Roberto Carlos (2016-10-18)
      Surface Plasmon Resonance assays are being developed as alternative biodetection methods for a great number of pesticides and toxins.These substances typically have low molecular weight, making it necessary to perform ...