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    • Bacterially expressed dsRNA induces Varroa destructor gene knockdown by honey bee-mediated oral administration 

      Muntaabski, Irina; Scannapieco, Alejandra Carla; Liendo, María Clara; Niz, José María; Russo, Romina Maria; Salvador, Ricardo (Taylor and Francis, 2022-02)
      The ectoparasite Varroa destructor causes serious losses of Apis mellifera colonies and negatively impacts the beekeeping industry around the world. New control methods have been proposed based on the RNA interference ...
    • Genetic variation and heteroplasmy of Varroa destructor inferred from ND4 mtDNA sequences 

      Muntaabski, Irina; Russo, Romina Maria; Liendo, María Clara; Palacio, María Alejandra; Cladera, Jorge Luis; Lanzavecchia, Silvia Beatriz; Scannapieco, Alejandra Carla (Springer, 2020-02)
      Varroa destructor, a parasitic mite of the western honey bee, Apis mellifera L., is a serious threat to colonies and beekeeping worldwide. Population genetics studies of the mite have provided information on two mitochondrial ...