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    • Aeolian Remobilisation of Volcanic Ash: Outcomes of a Workshop in the Argentinian Patagonia 

      Jarvis, Paul Antony; Bonadonna, Constanza; Dominguez, Lucía; Forte, Pablo; Frischknecht, Corine; Bran, Donaldo Eduardo; Aguilar, Rigoberto; Beckett, Frances; Elissondo, Manuela; Gillies, John; Kueppers, Ulrich; Merrison, Jonathan; Varley, Nick; Wallace, Kristi L. (Frontiers Media, 2020-11-27)
      During explosive volcanic eruptions, large quantities of tephra can be dispersed and deposited over wide areas. Following deposition, subsequent aeolian remobilisation of ash can potentially exacerbate primary impacts on ...
    • The effects of volcanic ash from Puyehue-Caulle range eruption on the survival of Dichroplus vittigerum (Orthoptera: Acrididae) 

      Fernandez Arhex, Valeria Cristina; Buteler, Micaela; Amadio, Maria Emilia; Enriquez, Andrea Soledad; Pietrantuono, Ana Laura; Stadler, Teodoro; Becker, Guillermo Fernando; Bruzzone, Octavio Augusto (2013-03)
      The aim of this work was to evaluate the toxicity of volcanic ash from the volcanic complex Puyehue-Caulle Range on the grasshopper, Dichroplus vittigerum, and compare the results with the effect of diatomaceous earth, an ...