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    • Characterization of Awassi lamb fattening systems: a Syrian case study 

      Wiedemann Hartwell, Birgitte; Iñiguez, Luis; Mueller, Joaquin Pablo; Wurzinger, María; Knaus, W.F. (2010-10)
      Intensive lamb fattening systems are evolving in developing Middle Eastern countries due to high demand for lambs at favorable prices; however, little is known about their characteristics and constraints. A survey was ...
    • Fibre quality of South American camelids in Argentina: a review 

      Mueller, Joaquin Pablo; Rigalt, Francisco Antonio; Lamas, Hugo Eduardo; Sacchero, Diego Mariano; Cancino, Andrea Karina; Wurzinger, María (FAO, 2015)
      Argentina’s annual camelidfibre production is estimated at 60 000 kg for llama (Lama glama), somewhat more than 2 000 kg for gua-naco (Lama guanicoe) and about 845 kg for vicuña (Vicugna vicugna). The potential for increasing ...