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    • Seeding Resilient Restoration: An Indicator System for the Analysis of Tree Seed Systems 

      Atkinson, Rachel J.; Thomas, Evert; Roscioli, Federico; Cornelius, Jonathan P.; Zamora Cristales, Rene; Franco Chuaire, Maria; Alcázar, Carolina; Mesén, Francisco; Lopez, Hariet; Ipinza, Roberto; Donoso, Pablo J.; Gallo, Leonardo Ariel; Nieto, Victor; Ugarte, Julio; Sáenz Romero, Cuauhtémoc; Fremout, Tobias; Jalonen, Riina; Gaisberger, Hannes; Vinceti, Barbara; Valette, Michel; Bosshard, Ennia; Ekué, Marius; Wiederkehr Guerra, Gabriela; Kettle, Chris (MDPI, 2021-08-09)
      Achieving multi-million-hectare commitments from countries around the world to restore degraded lands in resilient and sustainable ways requires, among other things, huge volumes of tree planting material. Seed systems ...