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    • Environment and Varroa destructor management as determinant of colony losses in apiaries under temperate and subtropical climate 

      Molineri, Ana Ines; Giacobino, Agostina; Pacini, Adriana Cecilia; Bulacio Cagnolo, Natalia Veronica; Merke, Julieta; Orellano, Emanuel; Bertozzi, Ezequiel; Zago, Luis Fernando Basili; Aignasse, Andrea María Elisa; Pietronave, Hernan Pablo; Rodriguez, Graciela Adriana; Crisanti, Paola Andrea; Palacio, María Alejandra; Signorini, Marcelo (2018-07)
      For the last 10 years, honey bee colony losses have been a topic of interest for researchers around the world, and many drivers for losses were described. The aim of this study was to evaluate the risk factors associated ...
    • Varroa destructor and viruses association in honey bee colonies under different climatic conditions 

      Giacobino, Agostina; Molineri, Ana Ines; Pacini, Adriana Cecilia; Fondevila, Norberto Antonio; Pietronave, Hernan Pablo; Rodriguez, Graciela Adriana; Palacio, Marí­a Alejandra; Bulacio Cagnolo, Natalia Veronica; Orellano, Emanuel; Salto, Cesar Eduardo; Signorini, Marcelo; Merke, Julieta (2016-06)
      Honey bee colonies are threatened by multiple factors including complex interactions between environmental and diseases such as parasitic mites and viruses. We compared the presence of honeybee-pathogenic viruses and Varroa ...