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    • New insights into wood anatomy and function relationships: how Eucalyptus challenges what we already know 

      Fernandez, María Elena; Barotto, Antonio José; Martinez Meier, Alejandro; Gyenge, Javier; Teson, Natalia; Quiñones Martorello, Adriana; Merlo, Esther; Dalla Salda, Guillermina; Rozenberg, Philippe; Monteoliva, Silvia (Elsevier, 2019-12-15)
      Multispecies surveys have shown that there is a weak but significant trade-off between xylem efficiency and safety in woody species, with no species maximizing both attributes at the same time. Relationships between xylem ...
    • Wood density and anatomy of three Eucalyptus species: implications for hydraulic conductivity 

      Barotto, Antonio José; Monteoliva, Silvia; Gyenge, Javier Enrique; Martinez Meier, Alejandro; Moreno, Karen; Teson, Natalia; Fernandez, Marí­a Elena (2017)
      Aim of the study: To characterize wood anatomical traits of three Eucalyptus species that differ in wood density and ecological requirements, and to examine the relationships between some anatomical features, wood density, ...