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    • Metabolic profile of mycobacterium smegmatis reveals Mce4 proteins are relevant for cell wall lipid homeostasis 

      Santangelo, María De La Paz; Heuberger, Adam; Blanco, Federico Carlos; Forrellad, Marina Andrea; Taibo, Catalina Beatriz; Klepp, Laura Ines; Sabio y Garcia, Julia Veronica; Nikel, Pablo I.; Jackson, Mary; Bigi, Fabiana (2016)
      Introduction The Mce proteins are encoded in a variable number of operons (from one to eight) in all Mycobacterium species. A role in the transport of host and mycobacterial lipids has been demonstrated for some Mce proteins ...
    • Retrotransposon and CRISPR/Cas9‑mediated knockout of NOD26 impairs the legume‑rhizobia symbiosis 

      Frare, Romina Alejandra; Stritzler, Margarita; Gomez, Maria Cristina; Tajima, Hiromi; Pascuan, Cecilia Gabriela; López Fernández, María Paula; Bottero, Ana Emilia; Nikel, Pablo I.; Alleva, Karina Edith; Ayub, Nicolás Daniel; Blumwald, Eduardo; Soto, Gabriela Cynthia (Springer, 2022-07)
      The multifunctional channel NOD26, identified and extensively studied (both biochemically and biophysically) in soybean, is a major protein component of the symbiosome membrane. The water and ammonia transport activities ...