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    • Argentinian potato leafroll virus P0 protein : Novel activities for a previously known suppressor 

      Barrios Baron, Maria Pilar; Delfosse, Veronica Cecilia; Agrofoglio, Yamila Carla; Nahirñak, Vanesa; Almasia, Natalia Ines; Vazquez Rovere, Cecilia; Distefano, Ana Julia (Wiley, 2021-02)
      The potato leafroll virus (PLRV) P0 protein (P0PL) is a suppressor of RNA silencing. In this study, we showed that P0 protein from an Argentinian isolate of PLRV (P0PL‐Ar) has an additional activity not described for other ...
    • First complete genome sequence of potato leafroll virus from Argentina 

      Barrios Baron, Maria Pilar; Agrofoglio, Yamila Carla; Delfosse, Veronica Cecilia; Nahirñak, Vanesa; Gonzalez De Urreta, Martin Salvador; Almasia, Natalia Ines; Vazquez Rovere, Cecilia; Sabio Y Garcia, Julia Veronica (2017-07)
      In this study, we determined for the first time the complete genomic sequence of an Argentinian isolate of Potato leafroll virus (PLRV), the type species of the genus Polerovirus. The isolate sequenced came from a Solanum ...
    • Successful production of the potato antimicrobial peptide Snakin-1 in baculovirus-infected insect cells and development of specific antibodies 

      Almasia, Natalia Ines; Molinari, Maria Paula; Maroniche, Guillermo Andrés; Nahirñak, Vanesa; Barrios Baron, Maria Pilar; Taboga, Oscar Alberto; Vazquez Rovere, Cecilia (2017)
      Background: Snakin-1 (StSN1) is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial cysteine-rich peptide isolated from Solanum tuberosum. Its biotechnological potential has been already recognized since it exhibits in vivo antifungal and ...