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    • Association mapping in sunflower for sclerotinia head rot resistance 

      Fusari, Corina Mariana; Di Rienzo, Julio A.; Troglia, Carolina Beatriz; Nishinakamasu, Veronica; Moreno, Maria Valeria; Maringolo, Carla Andrea; Quiroz, Facundo Jose; Alvarez, Daniel; Escande, Alberto; Hopp, Horacio Esteban; Heinz, Ruth Amelia; Lia, Veronica Viviana; Paniego, Norma Beatriz (BMC, 2012-06)
      Background: Sclerotinia Head Rot (SHR) is one of the most damaging diseases of sunflower in Europe, Argentina, and USA, causing average yield reductions of 10 to 20 %, but leading to total production loss under favorable ...
    • Main and epistatic QTL analyses for Sclerotinia Head Rot resistance in sunflower 

      Zubrzycki, Jeremias Enrique; Maringolo, Carla Andrea; Filippi, Carla Valeria; Quiroz, Facundo Jose; Nishinakamasu, Veronica; Puebla, Andrea Fabiana; Di Rienzo, Julio Alejandro; Escande, Alberto; Lia, Veronica Viviana; Heinz, Ruth Amelia; Hopp, Horacio Esteban; Cervigni, Gerardo Domingo Lucio; Paniego, Norma Beatriz (PLOS, 2017-12)
      Sclerotinia Head Rot (SHR), a disease caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, is one of the most limiting factors in sunflower production. In this study, we identified genomic loci associated with resistance to SHR to support ...