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    • Diversity of Cicadomorpha (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha) in citrus orchards in Northeastern Argentina 

      Dellapé, Gimena; Bouvet, Juan Pedro; Paradell, Susana Liria (2013-09)
      Among phytophagous insects, the Cicadomorpha are important economically because they damage crops by sucking plant sap and by transmitting plant pathogens, such as Spiroplasma citri and Xylella fastidiosa to citrus. In ...
    • Highly diverse and rapidly spreading: Melanagromyza sojae threatens the soybean belt of South America 

      Pozebon, Henrique; Ugalde, Gustavo Andrade; Smagghe, Guy; Tay, Wee Tek; Karut, Kamil; Copa Bazán, Angel Fernando; Vitorio, Lucas; Peralta, Roberto; Saluso, Adriana; Ramírez-Paredes, Mónica Lucía; Murúa, María Gabriela; Guedes, Jerson Vanderlei Carús; Arnemann, Jonas André (Springer, 2021-02)
      The soybean stem fly, Melanagromyza sojae, an Asian native insect, has successfully established in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia. These countries are among the lead global soybean producing nations, being ...
    • Resting ecology of parasitoids in the field: safe in a bed and breakfast? 

      Tena, Alejandro; Bouvet, Juan Pedro; Abram, Paul K. (Elsevier, 2022-08)
      The selection of a safe place to rest at night may be an essential survival strategy for diurnal animals. Despite the importance of parasitoid wasps as consumers in terrestrial ecosystems, their selection of sites to rest ...