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    • Odour Profile of Beef Using an Electronic Nose Based on MOS-Sensor 

      Grigioni, Gabriela Maria; Paschetta, Fernanda; Soteras, Trinidad; Messina, Valeria Marisa (2013-02)
      The development of the aroma and flavour of cooked meat is a very complex process in which different components react to produce chemical intermediates or final flavour volatiles compounds. The aim of the present research ...
    • Seasonal variation in the odour characteristics of whole milk powder 

      Biolatto, Andrea; Grigioni, Gabriela Maria; Irurueta, Martin; Sancho, Ana Maria; Taverna, Miguel Angel; Pensel, Norma Ana (2006-09-28)
      Seasonal changes in whole milk powder odour characteristics were monitored using SPME-GC and E-nose methodologies. ANOVA showed a significant effect of the season on dimethyl sulphide, n-pentanal, n-hexanal, and butyric ...