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    • A review of environmental life cycle assessments of liquid transportation biofuels in the Pan American Region 

      Shonnard, David R.; Klemetsrud, Bethany; Sacramento Rivero, Julio; Navarro Pineda, Freddy; Hilbert, Jorge Antonio; Handler, Robert M.; Suppen, Nydia; Donovan, Richard P. (2015-12)
      Life-cycle assessment (LCA) has been applied to many biofuel and bioenergy systems to determine potential environmental impacts, but the conclusions have varied. Different methodologies and processes for conducting LCA of ...
    • Opportunities and challenges in the design and analysis of biomass supply chains 

      Lautala, Pasi T.; Hilliard, Michael R.; Webb, Erin; Busch, Ingrid; Hess, J. Richard; Roni, Mohammad S.; Hilbert, Jorge Antonio; Handler, Robert M.; Bittencourt, Roger; Valente, Amir; Laitinen, Tuuli (2015-12)
      The biomass supply chain is one of the most critical elements of large-scale bioenergy production and in many cases a key barrier for procuring initial funding for new developments on specific energy crops. Most productions ...