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    • Meeting global challenges with regenerative agriculture producing food and energy 

      Schulte, Lisa A.; Dale, Bruce E.; Bozzetto, Stefano; Liebman, Matt; Souza, Glaucia M.; Haddad, Nick; Richard, Tom L.; Basso, Bruno; Brown, Robert C.; Hilbert, Jorge Antonio; Arbuckle, J. Gordon (Springer Nature, 2022-05)
      The world currently faces a suite of urgent challenges: environmental degradation, diminished iodiversity, climate change and persistent poverty and associated injustices. All of these challenges can be addressed to a large ...
    • The potential for expanding sustainable biogas production and some possible impacts in specific countries 

      Dale, Bruce E.; Boceto, Stefano; Fabbri, Claudio; Hilbert, Jorge Antonio; Ong, Rebecca; Richard, Tom; Rossi, Lorella; Thelen, Kart D; Woods, Jeremy (Wiley, 2020-11)
      Las prácticas actuales de producción de alimentos tienden a dañar y agotar el suelo, disminuir la biodiversidad y degradar los suministros de agua. Para que la agricultura sea ambientalmente sostenible y simultáneamente ...