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    • Secretion systems of pathogenic escherichia coli 

      Navarro-García, Fernando; Ruiz-Perez, Fernando; Larzabal, Mariano; Cataldi, Angel Adrian (Springer International Publishing, 2016)
      Protein secretion plays a central role in modulating the interactions of bacteria with their environments. Bacterial ribosomes synthesize up to 8000 different proteins. Almost half of these become integrated in membranes ...
    • Chloroplast and mitochondrial genomes of tomato 

      Lichtenstein, Gabriel; Conte, Mariana; Asis, Ramón; Carrari, Fernando (2016)
      This chapter summarizes the main features of the tomato plastid and mitochondrial genomes in the context of the current knowledge about “orthologue” genomes from other higher plants species in a historical perspective. ...
    • Sunflower leaf senescence : a complex genetic process with economic impact on crop production 

      Moschen, Sebastian Nicolas; López Gialdi, Agustín I.; Paniego, Norma Beatriz; Fernandez, Paula del Carmen; Heinz, Ruth Amelia (2017)
      Leaf senescence is a complex process controlled by multiple genetic and environmental variables. In different crops, a delay in leaf senescence has an important impact on grain yield trough the maintenance of the photosynthetic ...