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    • Aggregation kinetics of humic acids in the presence of calcium ions 

      Kloster, Nanci Soledad; Brigante, Maximiliano Eduardo; Zanini, Graciela Pilar; Avena, Marcelo Javier (2013)
      The aggregation kinetics of a humic acid (HA) sample as a function of Ca2+ concentration at pH 5, 7 and 9 was investigated. UV–VIS spectroscopy was employed to quantify the progress of the aggregation reaction, and ...
    • Analytical methods assessment for exchangeable cations analysis in soil: MIP OES appraisement 

      Jofré, Florencia Cora; Perez, Maria Micaela; Kloster, Nanci Soledad; Savio, Marianela (Taylor & Francis, 2020-09-21)
      Soil monitoring and research often requires a comparison of laboratory data generated by diverse instruments and in different laboratories to demonstrate the reliability and accuracy of the results. The outcomes of this ...