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    • Genetic Stability of Sexing Strains Based on the Locus swof Ceratitis Capitata 

      Delprat, María Alejandra; Stolar, Cristian Eric; Manso, Fanny Celia; Cladera Jorge Luis (Springer, 2002-09)
      This report deals with the process of improving the stability of medfly, Ceratitis capitata, genetic sexing strains (GSS) based on the swmutation on chromosome 2. This gene affects the rate of development as well as the ...
    • Male Sexual Behavior and Pheromone Emission Is Enhanced by Exposure to Guava Fruit Volatiles in Anastrepha fraterculus 

      Bachmann, Guillermo Enrique; Segura, Diego Fernando; Devescovi, Francisco; Juárez, María Laura; Ruiz, María Josefina; Vera, María Teresa; Cladera, Jorge Luis; Teal, Peter E.A.; Fernandez, Patricia Carina (Plos One, 2015-04)
      Background: Plant chemicals can affect reproductive strategies of tephritid fruit flies by influencing sex pheromone communication and increasing male mating competitiveness. Objective and Methodology: We explored whether ...