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    • Alfalfa snakin-1 prevents fungal colonization and probably coevolved with rhizobia 

      Garcia, Araceli Nora; Ayub, Nicolás Daniel; Fox, Ana Romina; Gomez, Maria Cristina; Dieguez, Maria Jose; Pagano, Elba Maria; Berini, Carolina Andrea; Muschietti, Jorge Prometeo; Soto, Gabriela Cinthia (BMC Plant Biology, 2014-09-17)
      Background: The production of antimicrobial peptides is a common defense strategy of living cells against a wide range of pathogens. Plant snakin peptides inhibit bacterial and fungal growth at extremely low concentrations. ...
    • Pseudomonas fluorescens Pf-5 genome-wide mutant screen for resistance to the antimicrobial peptide alfalfa snakin-1 

      Ayub, Nicolás Daniel; Fox, Ana Romina; Garcia, Araceli Nora; Mozzicafreddo, Matteo; Cuccioloni, Massimiliano; Angeletti, Mauro; Pagano, Elba Maria; Soto, Gabriela Cynthia (Oxford University Press, 2015-01)
      Snakin-1, a peptide produced by higher plants, has broad-spectrum antibiotic activity, inhibiting organisms ranging from Bacteria to Eukaryotes. However, the mode of action against target organisms is poorly understood. ...