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    • Genome-wide identification of the mutation uderlying fleece variation and discriminating ancestral hairy species from modern woolly sheep 

      Demars, Julie; Cano, Ema Margarita; Drouilhet, Laurence; Plisson-Petit, Florence; Bardou, Philippe; Fabre, Stéphane; Servin, Bertrand; Sarry, Julien; Woloszyn, Florent; Mulsant, Philippe; Foulquier, Didier; Carriere, Fabien; Aletru, Mathias; Rodde, Nathalie; Cauet, Stéphane; Bouchez, Olivier; Pirson, Maarten; Tosser-Klopp, Gwenola; Allain, Daniel (Oxford university press, 2017-07)
      The composition and structure of fleece variation observedin mammals is a consequence of a strong selective pressure for fiber production after domestication. In sheep, fleece variation discriminates ancestral species ...