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    • Cooperativity in proton sensing by PIP aquaporins 

      Vitali, Victoria Andrea; Jozefkowicz, Cintia; Canessa Fortuna, Agustina; Soto, Gabriela Cinthia; Gonzalez Flecha, Francisco Luis; Alleva, Karina Edith (Wiley, 2019-03)
      One of the most intriguing properties of plasma membrane intrinsic protein (PIP) aquaporins (AQPs) is their ability to modulate water transport by sensing different levels of intracellular pH through the assembly of homo‐ ...
    • Pip water transport and its pH dependence are regulated by tetramer stoichiometry 

      Jozefkowicz, Cintia; Sigaut, Lorena; Scochera, Florencia; Soto, Gabriela Cinthia; Ayub, Nicolás Daniel; Pietrasanta, Lía Isabel; Amodeo, Gabriela; Gonzalez Flecha, Francisco Luis; Alleva, Karina Edith (2016)
      Many plasma membrane channels form oligomeric assemblies, and heterooligomerization has been described as a distinctive feature of some protein families. In the particular case of plant plasma membrane aquaporins (PIPs), ...