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    • Beyond arabidopsis: differential UV-B response mediated by UVR8 in diverse species 

      Tossi, Vanesa Eleonora; Regalado, Jose Javier; Iannicelli, Jesica; Laino, Leandro Ezequiel; Burrieza, Hernan Pablo; Escandon, Alejandro Salvio; Pitta Alvarez, Sandra Irene (Frontiers Media, 2019-06)
      Ultraviolet-B radiation (UV-B, 280–315 nm) is an important environmental signal that regulates growth and development in plants. Two dose-dependent UV-B response pathways were described in plants: a specific one, mediated ...
    • Engineering Pseudomonas protegens Pf-5 for nitrogen fixation and its application to improve plant growth under nitrogen-deficient conditions 

      Setten, Lorena; Soto, Gabriela Cinthia; Mozzicafreddo, Matteo; Fox, Ana Romina; Lisi, Christian Daniel; Cuccioloni, Massimiliano; Angeletti, Mauro; Pagano, Elba Maria; Diaz Paleo, Antonio Horacio; Ayub, Nicolás Daniel (2013-05-13)
      Nitrogen is the second most critical factor for crop production after water. In this study, the beneficial rhizobacterium Pseudomonas protegens Pf-5 was genetically modified to fix nitrogen using the genes encoding the ...
    • Selective pressure against horizontally acquired prokaryotic genes as a driving force of plastid evolution 

      Llorente, Briardo; de Souza, Flavio S. J.; Soto, Gabriela Cynthia; Meyer, Cristian; Alonso, Guillermo D.; Flawia, Mirtha M.; Bravo Almonacid, Fernando Felix; Ayub, Nicolás Daniel; Rodríguez-Concepción, Manuel (Springer Nature, 2016-01)
      The plastid organelle comprises a high proportion of nucleus-encoded proteins that were acquired from different prokaryotic donors via independent horizontal gene transfers following its primary endosymbiotic origin. What ...