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    • Cooperativity in proton sensing by PIP aquaporins 

      Vitali, Victoria Andrea; Jozefkowicz, Cintia; Canessa Fortuna, Agustina; Soto, Gabriela Cinthia; Gonzalez Flecha, Francisco Luis; Alleva, Karina Edith (Wiley, 2019-03)
      One of the most intriguing properties of plasma membrane intrinsic protein (PIP) aquaporins (AQPs) is their ability to modulate water transport by sensing different levels of intracellular pH through the assembly of homo‐ ...
    • Prediction of aquaporin function by integrating evolutionary and functional analyses 

      Perez Di Giorgio, Juliana Andrea; Soto, Gabriela Cinthia; Alleva, Karina Edith; Jozefkowicz, Cintia; Amodeo, Gabriela; Muschietti, Jorge Prometeo; Ayub, Nicolás Daniel (Springer, 2014-02)
      Aquaporins (AQPs) are a family of channel proteins, which transport water and/or small solutes across cell membranes. AQPs are present in Bacteria, Eukarya, and Archaea. The classical AQP evolution paradigm explains the ...
    • Root hydraulic conductivity and adjustments in stomatal conductance: hydraulic strategy in response to salt stress in a halotolerant species 

      Vitali, Victoria Andrea; Bellati, Jorge; Soto, Gabriela Cynthia; Ayub, Nicolás Daniel; Amodeo, Gabriela (Oxford University Press, 2015-11)
      Recent advances at the molecular level are introducing a new scenario that needs to be integrated into the analysis of plant hydraulic properties. Although it is not yet clear to what extent this scenario alters the current ...