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    • Evaluating mating compatibility within fruit fly cryptic species complexes and the potential role of sex pheromones in pre-mating isolation 

      Juárez, María Laura; Devescovi, Francisco; Břízová, Radka; Bachmann, Guillermo Enrique; Segura, Diego Fernando; Kalinová, Blanka; Fernandez, Patricia; Ruiz, María Josefina; Yang, Jianquan; Teal, Peter E. A.; Caceres, Carlos; Vreysen, Marc J. B.; Hendrichs, Jorge; Vera, María Teresa (Pensoft Publishers, 2015-11)
      The study of sexual behavior and the identification of the signals involved in mate recognition between con-specifics are key components that can shed some light, as part of an integrative taxonomic approach, in delimitating ...
    • Male Sexual Behavior and Pheromone Emission Is Enhanced by Exposure to Guava Fruit Volatiles in Anastrepha fraterculus 

      Bachmann, Guillermo Enrique; Segura, Diego Fernando; Devescovi, Francisco; Juárez, María Laura; Ruiz, María Josefina; Vera, María Teresa; Cladera, Jorge Luis; Teal, Peter E.A.; Fernandez, Patricia Carina (Plos One, 2015-04)
      Background: Plant chemicals can affect reproductive strategies of tephritid fruit flies by influencing sex pheromone communication and increasing male mating competitiveness. Objective and Methodology: We explored whether ...
    • Yeast derivatives and wheat germ in the adult diet modulates fecundity in a tephritid pest 

      Goane, Lucía; Pereyra, P. M.; Castro, F.; Ruiz, María Josefina; Juárez, María Laura; Segura, Diego Fernando; Vera, María Teresa (Cambridge University Press, 2019-04)
      Anastrepha fraterculus (Wiedemann), a pest of great economic importance in South America, needs urgently to be controlled by environmentally friendly methods such as the sterile insect technique for which mass rearing of ...