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    • Effect of polyploidization in the production of essential oils in Lippia integrifolia 

      Iannicelli, Jesica; Elechosa, Miguel Angel; Juarez, Miguel Angel; Martinez, Alejandro; Bugallo, Veronica Lucia; Bandoni, Arnaldo Luis; Escandon, Alejandro Salvio; van Baren, Catalina María (2016-03)
      Consumption of medicinal and aromatic plants is widespread and increasing worldwide. Yet, harvesting from the wild, the main source of raw material in developing countries, is causing loss of genetic diversity and habitat ...
    • In vitro propagation of Lippia integrifolia (Griseb.) Hier. and detection of genetic instability through ISSR markers of in vitro-cultured plants. 

      Escandon, Alejandro Salvio; Aguirre, Eduardo Del Valle; Coviella, Maria Andrea; Iannicelli, Jesica; Perez De La Torre, Mariana; Elechosa, Miguel Angel; van Baren, Catalina María; Pacheco, Maria Gabriela (2016)
      Aromatic and medicinal plants have been traditionally harvested from the wild and, in Argentina, they have been exploited without any major limitation. In vitro plant propagation is an easy and inexpensive method to obtain ...
    • The “polyploid effect” in the breeding of aromatic and medicinal species 

      Iannicelli, Jesica; Guariniello, Julian; Tossi, Vanesa Eleonora; Regalado, Jose Javier; Di Ciaccio, Lucia Soledad; van Baren, Catalina María; Pitta Alvarez, Sandra; Escandon, Alejandro Salvio (Elsevier, 2020-01)
      The secondary metabolism of plants delivers a wide range of chemical structures with application for a vast array of activities, thus offering opportunities for social and economic development. Polyploidy is the possession ...