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    • Operational planning of herbicide-based weed management 

      Lodovichi, Mariela Victoria; Blanco, Anibal Manuel; Chantre Balacca, Guillermo Ruben; Bandoni, Jose Alberto; Sabbatini, Mario Ricardo; Vigna, Mario Raul; Lopez, Ricardo Luis; Gigon, Ramon (2013-10)
      Weeds cause crop yield loss due to competition, interfere with agricultural activities and reduce grain quality due to seed contamination. Among the numerous methods for weed control, the use of herbicides is the most ...
    • Towards an integrated weed management decision support system: A simulation model for weed-crop competition and control 

      Molinari, Franco A.; Blanco, Anibal Manuel; Vigna, Mario Raul; Chantre Balacca, Guillermo Ruben (Elsevier, 2020)
      A mathematical simulation model for the multi-annual assessment of Integrated Weed Management strategies is presented. The model allows the simulation of the competitive interaction between annual weeds and crops. For weed ...