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    • A flexible and practical approach for real-time weed emergence prediction based on Artificial Neural Networks 

      Chantre Balacca, Guillermo Ruben; Vigna, Mario Raul; Renzi Pugni, Juan Pablo; Blanco, Anibal Manuel (2018-06)
      Most popular emergence prediction models require species-specific population-based parameters to modulate thermal/hydrothermal accumulation. Such parameters are frequently unknown and difficult to estimate. Moreover, such ...
    • Modeling Avena fatua seedling emergence dynamics: an artificial neural network approach 

      Chantre Balacca, Guillermo Ruben; Blanco, Anibal Manuel; Lodovichi, Mariela Victoria; Bandoni, Jose Alberto; Sabbatini, Mario Ricardo; Lopez, Ricardo Luis; Vigna, Mario Raul; Gigon, Ramon (Elsevier, 2012-10)
      Avena fatua is an invasive weed of the semiarid region of Argentina. Seedling emergence patterns are very irregular along the season showing a great year-to-year variability mainly due to a highly unpredictable precipitation ...