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    • MITE Tracker : an accurate approach to identify miniature inverted-repeat transposable elements in large genomes 

      Crescente, Juan Manuel; Zavallo, Diego; Helguera, Marcelo; Vanzetti, Leonardo Sebastian (BioMed Central, 2018)
      Background: Miniature inverted-repeat transposable elements (MITEs) are short, non-autonomous class II transposable elements present in a high number of conserved copies in eukaryote genomes. An accurate identification ...
    • Phenobook : an open source software for phenotypic data collection 

      Crescente, Juan Manuel; Guidobaldi, Fabio; Demichelis, Melina; Formica, Maria Beatriz; Helguera, Marcelo; Vanzetti, Leonardo Sebastian (2017-04)
      Background: Research projects often involve observation, registration, and data processing starting from information obtained in field experiments. In many cases, these tasks are carried out by several persons in different ...