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    • Genetic and management factors affecting beef quality in grazing Hereford steers 

      Melucci, Lilia Magdalena; Panarace, M.; Feula, P.; Villarreal, Edgardo Leopoldo; Grigioni, Gabriela Maria; Carduza, Fernando Jose; Soria, Liliana A.; Mezzadra, Carlos Alberto; Arceo, Maria E.; Papaleo Mazzucco, Juliana; Corva, Pablo Marcelo; Irurueta, Martin; Rogberg Muñoz, Andres; Miquel, María Cristina (Elsevier, 2012-12)
      Attributes contributing to differences in beef quality of 206 Hereford steers finished on pasture were assessed. Beef quality traits evaluated were: Warner–Bratzler meat tenderness and muscle and fat color at one and seven ...
    • Growth, carcass and meat quality traits in beef from Angus, Hereford and cross-breed grazing steers, and their association with SNPs in genes related to fat deposition metabolism 

      Papaleo Mazzucco, Juliana; Goszczynski, Daniel Estanislao; Ripoli, María Verónica; Melucci, Lilia Magdalena; Pardo, Alan Maxs; Colatto, E.; Mezzadra, Carlos Alberto; Depetris, Gustavo; Giovambattista, Guillermo; Villarreal, Edgardo Leopoldo; Rogberg Muñoz, Andres (2016)
      Grazing steers from Angus and Hereford breeds, their cross-breeds and a three-way cross-breed (Limousin × Angus–Hereford) were measured for growth, carcass andmeat quality traits. Breed effectswere studied, and the association ...