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    • How does soil organic carbon mediate trade-offs between ecosystem services and agricultural production? 

      Villarino, Sebastian; Studdert, Guillermo; Laterra, Pedro (Elsevier, 2019-08)
      The basis and essence of life on earth depends on soil health, and its main indicator is the soil organic carbon (SOC) content. Hence, SOC stock is a key component for the supply of many ecosystem services (SOC-mediated ...
    • Water regulation by grasslands: a global meta‐analysis 

      Sirimarco, Marina Ximena; Barral, Maria Paula; Villarino, Sebastian; Laterra, Pedro (Wiley Online Library, 2018-06-03)
      Grasslands have been modified and replaced worldwide and have affected water regulation ecosystem services. In order to support public policies attending to the consequences of different grassland modifications and ...