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    • Caudal vena cava thrombosis in a dairy cow (Bos taurus) in Argentina 

      Schild, Carlos; Armendano, Joaquín Ignacio; Liboreiro, Matías; Bresky, Florencia; Morrell, Eleonora Lidia; Odriozola, Ernesto Raul; Canton, German Jose (2017)
      Caudal vena cava thrombosis (CVCT) is an acute disease secondary to ruminal lactic acidosis and rumenitis with fatal outcome in cattle fed with a high-grain diet. The aim of this paper is to describe CVCT in an adult ...
    • Productive response to two concentrate allocation strategies in dairy cows grazing with restricted pasture allowance 

      Bretschneider, Gustavo; Salado, Eloy Eduardo; Cuatrin, Alejandra; Mattera, Juan; Pece, Mariela Alejandra; Arias, Dario Raul; Cuffia, Maira; Dieguez, Virginia (2019-02)
      The objective of this study was to compare the effects of two concentrate allotment strategies on the performance of dairy cows grazing on restricted pasture and supplemented with conserved forage. Dairy cows fed equal ...