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    • Experimental inoculation of Neospora caninum in pregnant water buffalo 

      Konrad, Jose Luis; Moore, Prando Dadin; Crudeli, Gustavo Angel; Caspe, Sergio Gaston; Cano, Dora Beatriz; Leunda, Maria Rosa; Lischinsky, Lilian Haydee; Regidor-Cerrillo, Javier; Odeon, Anselmo Carlos; Ortega-Mora, Luis M.; Echaide, Ignacio Eduardo; Campero, Carlos Manuel (Elsevier, 2012-06-08)
      The aim of this study was to characterize the pathogenesis of Neospora caninum in experimentally inoculated pregnant water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Twelve Mediterranean female water buffaloes ranging in age from 4 to 14 ...
    • Neospora caninum NC-6 Argentina induces fetopathy in both serologically positive and negative experimentally inoculated pregnant dams 

      Bacigalupe, Diana; Basso, W.; Caspe, Sergio Gaston; More, Gastón; Lischinsky, Lilian Haydee; Gos, María Laura; Leunda, Maria Rosa; Campero, Lucía María; Moore, Prando Dadin; Schares, Gereon; Campero, Carlos Manuel; Venturini, María Cecilia (2013-07)
      Neospora caninum infection is a major cause of abortion in cattle. The objectives of this study were to genetically characterize the N. caninum NC-6 Argentina isolate using a multilocus microsatellite analysis approach and ...
    • The Neospora caninum-Spain 7 isolate induces placental damage, fetal death and abortion in cattle when inoculated in early gestation 

      Caspe, Sergio Gaston; Moore, Prando Dadin; Leunda, Maria Rosa; Cano, Dora Beatriz; Lischinsky, Lilian Haydee; Regidor-Cerrillo, Javier; Alvarez-García, Gema; Echaide, Ignacio Eduardo; Bacigalupe, Diana; Ortega-Mora, Luis; Odeon, Anselmo Carlos; Campero, Carlos Manuel (Elsevier, 2012-10)
      The Nc-Spain 7 isolate of Neospora caninum, which was newly obtained from an asymptomatic congenitally infected calf, demonstrated a similar virulence as Nc-1 strain in mouse models. The aim of this study was to characterize ...