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    • Earliness per se variation in Argentine bread wheat varieties and mapping of QTLs in a recombinant inbred line population 

      Lombardo, Lucio; Ghione, Celina Elena; Nisi, María Mercedes; Tranquilli, Gabriela; Helguera, Marcelo (Springer, 2019-10)
      The occurrence of flowering time in wheat is affected not only by the vernalization and photoperiod response, but also by earliness per se (EPS). The effects of this trait facilitate the fine tunning of the life cycle for ...
    • New insight into the wheat chromosome 4 D structure and virtual gene order, relead by survey pyrosequencing 

      Helguera, Marcelo; Rivarola, Maximo Lisandro; Clavijo, Bernardo; Martis, Mihaela M.; Vanzetti, Leonardo Sebastian; Gonzalez, Sergio Alberto; Garbus, Ingrid; Leroy, Phillippe; Simková, Hana; Valárik, Miroslav; Caccamo, Mario; Dolezel, Jaroslav; Mayer, Klaus F.X.; Feuillet, Catherine; Tranquilli, Gabriela; Paniego, Norma Beatriz; Echenique, Carmen Viviana (2015)
      Survey sequencing of the bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genome (AABBDD) has been approached through different strategies delivering important information. However, the current wheat sequence knowledge is not complete. ...