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    • ICTV virus taxonomy profile : Sedoreoviridae 2022 

      Matthijnssens, Jelle; Attoui, Houssam; Bányai, Krisztián; Brussaard, Corina P.D.; Danthi, Pranav; Del Vas, Mariana; Dermody, Terence S.; Duncan, Roy; Fāng, Qín; Johne, Reimar; Mertens, Peter P.C.; Jaafar, Fauziah Mohd; Patton, John T.; Sasaya, Takahide; Suzuki, Nobuhiro; Wei, Taiyun (Microbiology Society, 2022-10)
      Sedoreoviridae is a large family of icosahedral viruses that are usually regarded as non- enveloped with segmented (10–12 linear segments) dsRNA genomes of 18–26 kbp. Sedoreovirids have a broad host range, infecting mammals, ...
    • Modeling tobacco mosaic virus proliferation in protoplasts 

      Merchuk, Jose C.; Sánchez Mirón, Asterio; Asurmendi, Sebastian; Shacham, Mordechai (2016)
      The tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) is one of the most studied viruses. It is frequently used as a model in the research of virus-host interactions. The interest in understanding the mechanism of its proliferation stems basically ...
    • TMV-Cg Coat Protein stabilizes DELLA proteins and in turn negatively modulates salicylic acid-mediated defense pathway during Arabidopsis thaliana viral infection 

      Rodriguez, Maria Cecilia; Conti, Gabriela; Zavallo, Diego; Manacorda, Carlos Augusto; Asurmendi, Sebastian (2014)
      Background Plant viral infections disturb defense regulatory networks during tissue invasion. Emerging evidence demonstrates that a significant proportion of these alterations are mediated by hormone imbalances. Although ...