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    • Characterization of a papain-like cysteine protease essential for the survival of Babesia ovis merozoites 

      Carletti, Tamara; Mesplet, Maria; Mira, Anabela; Weir, William; Shiels, Brian; Gonzalez Oliva, Abel; Schnittger, Leonhard; Florin-Christensen, Mónica; Barreto, Carmo (2016)
      Babesia ovis, a tick-transmitted intraerythrocytic protozoan parasite, causes severe infections in small ruminants from Southern Europe, Middle East, and Northern Africa. With the aim of finding potential targets for the ...
    • Cysteine proteinase C1A paralog profiles correspond with phylogenetic lineages of pathogenic piroplasmids 

      Ascencio, Mariano; Florin-Christensen, Mónica; Mamoun, Choukri B.; Weir, William; Shiels, Brian; Schnittger, Leonhard (MDPI, 2018-04)
      Piroplasmid parasites comprising of Babesia, Theileria, and Cytauxzoon are transmitted by ticks to farm and pet animals and have a significant impact on livestock industries and animal health in tropical and subtropical ...
    • High genetic diversity and differentiation of the babesia ovis population in Turkey 

      Mira, Anabela; Unlu, Ahmet Hakan; Bilgic, Huseyin Bilgin; Bakirci, Serkan; Hacilarlioglu, Selin; Karagenc, Tulin; Carletti, Tamara; Weir, William; Shiels, Brian; Shkap, Varda; Aktas, Munir; Florin‐Christensen, Mónica; Schnittger, Leonhard (Wiley, 2020-07)
      Babesia ovis is a tick‐transmitted protozoan haemoparasite causing ovine babesiosis in sheep and goats leading to considerable economic loss in Turkey and neighbouring countries. There are no vaccines available, therapeutic ...