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    • Bovine leukemia virus small noncoding RNAs are functional elements that regulate replication and contribute to oncogenesis in vivo 

      Gillet, Nicolas A.; Hamaidia, Malik; Brogniez, Alix de; Gutierrez, Gerónimo; Renotte, Nathalie; Reichert, Michal; Trono, Karina Gabriela; Willems, Luc (2016-04)
      Retroviruses are not expected to encode miRNAs because of the potential problem of self-cleavage of their genomic RNAs. This assumption has recently been challenged by experiments showing that bovine leukemia virus (BLV) ...
    • Recent advances in BLV research 

      Barez, Pierre-Yves; De Brogniez, Alix; Carpentier, Alexandre; Gazon, Hélène; Gillet, Nicolas; Gutierrez, Gerónimo; Hamaidia, Malik; Jacques, Jean-Rock; Perike, Srikanth; Sriramareddy, Sathya Neelature; Renotte, Nathalie; Staumont, Bernard; Reichert, Michal; Trono, Karina Gabriela; Willems, Luc (MDPI, 2015-11)
      Different animal models have been proposed to investigate the mechanisms of Human T-lymphotropic Virus (HTLV)-induced pathogenesis: rats, transgenic and NOD-SCID/γcnull (NOG) mice, rabbits, squirrel monkeys, baboons and ...