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    • Evidence for contemporary plant mitoviruses 

      Nibert, Max L.; Vong, Minh; Fugate, Karen K.; Debat, Humberto Julio (2018-05)
      Mitoviruses have small RNA(+) genomes, replicate in mitochondria, and have been shown to infect only fungi to date. For this report, sequences that appear to represent nearly complete plant mitovirus genomes were recovered ...
    • Mitovirus and Mitochondrial Coding Sequences from Basal Fungus Entomophthora muscae 

      Nibert, Max L.; Debat, Humberto Julio; Manny, Austin R.; Grigoriev, Igor V.; De Fine Licht, Henrik H. (MDPI, 2019-04-17)
      Fungi constituting the Entomophthora muscae species complex (members of subphylum Entomophthoromycotina, phylum Zoopagamycota) commonly kill their insect hosts and manipulate host behaviors in the process. In this study, ...