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    • Long-term impact of grazing and tillage on soil quality in the semi-arid Chaco (Argentina) 

      Banegas, Natalia Romina; Maza, Marianela; Viruel, Emilce; Nasca, Jose Andres; Canteros, Francisco H.; Corbella, Roberto; Dos Santos, Daniel Andrés (Sociedad Española de la Ciencia del Suelo, 2019)
      Deforestation of Chacoan native forests and reorientation of land use are transforming the region into agricultural use. The main purpose of this work was to evaluate the impact of different land uses on soil quality in ...
    • Yields and economic results of sugarcane cultivation under an alternative system compared to traditional management 

      Tesouro, Mario Omar; Fernandez Ullivarri, Enrique; Venturelli, Leonardo; Roba, Marcos Andrés; Romito, Angel; Donato, Lidia Beatriz; Bongiovanni, Rodolfo; Erazzu, Luis Ernesto; Fontana, Paola Daniela; Peralta, Adriana (International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists, 2019-09)
      In the traditional method of managing sugarcane in Argentina, the entire field where the crop will be planted is severely ploughed, requiring large amounts of energy. In addition, during the subsequent maintenance tasks, ...