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    • Detection and molecular characterization of a phytoplasma affecting Prunus persica L. in Jujuy, Argentina 

      Fernandez, Franco Daniel; Guzman, Fabiana; Curzel, Viviana; Bejarano, Noemí; Conci, Luis Rogelio (Springer, 2013-04)
      Peach (Prunus persica L.) plants with symptoms of yellowing, reddening, curling and leaf necrosis, premature defoliation and internode shortening were observed in production fields in Jujuy province (Argentina). A phytoplasma ...
    • First report of a ‘Candidatus phytoplasma pyri’ strain in Argentina 

      Fernandez, Franco Daniel; Marini, Diana Beatriz; Farrando, Roberto Jes; Conci, Luis Rogelio (Springer, 2017-12)
      During the 2015 growing season, peach plants (Prunus persica) showing chlorotic, curling leaves and midrib thickening were detected in production fields in Mendoza province (Midwest region, Argentina). These symptoms ...
    • Phytoplasmas of subgroup 16SrIII-J associated with Beta vulgaris in Argentina 

      Fernandez, Franco Daniel; Guzman, Fabiana; Baffoni, Patricia Andrea; Reinoso, Lucio; Kiehr, Mirta; Delhey, Rolf; Favere, Verónica Mariela; Galdeano, Ernestina; Conci, Luis Rogelio (Springer, 2020-02-19)
      Symptoms of general wilting and yellowing were found affecting Beta vulgaris L. (sugar beet, fodder beet and chard) in the Argentinean region of Bahía Blanca (Buenos Aires province), Valle Medio, and Valle Inferior de Rio ...