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    • Clostridium perfringens type E virulence traits involved in gut colonization 

      Redondo, Leandro Martín; Diaz Carrasco, Juan María; Redondo, Enzo Alejandro; Delgado, Fernando Oscar; Fernandez Miyakawa, Mariano Enrique (PLOS, 2015-03-23)
      Clostridium perfringens type E disease in ruminants has been characterized by hemorrhagic enteritis or sudden death. Although type E isolates are defined by the production of alpha and iota toxin, little is known about the ...
    • Early events of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli colonization on gut barrier function : no longer undETECted? 

      Diaz Carrasco, Juan Marí­a; Fernandez Miyakawa, Mariano Enrique (2017)
    • Effects of a blend of chestnut and quebracho tannins on gut health and performance of broiler chickens 

      Redondo, Enzo Alejandro; Redondo, Leandro Martin; Bruzzone, Octavio Augusto; Diaz Carrasco, Juan Maria; Cabral, Claudio; Garces, Victorino M.; Liñeiro, Maximo M.; Fernandez Miyakawa, Mariano Enrique (Plos ONE, 2022-01)
      Antimicrobial restrictions prompted the search for cost and biologically effective alternatives to replace antimicrobial growth promoters (AGPs) in food-producing animals. In addition, the efficacy of this alternatives ...
    • Effects of Clostridium perfringens iota toxin in the small intestine of mice 

      Redondo, Leandro Martin; Redondo, Enzo Alejandro; Dailoff, Gabriela Cecilia; Leiva, Carlos; Diaz Carrasco, Juan Maria; Bruzzone, Octavio Augusto; Cangelosi, Adriana; Geoghegan, Patricia; Fernandez Miyakawa, Mariano Enrique (2017-12)
      Iota toxin is a binary toxin solely produced by Clostridium perfringens type E strains, and is structurally related to CDT from C. difficile and CST from C. spiroforme. As type E causes hemorrhagic enteritis in cattle, it ...
    • Geography as non-genetic modulation factor of chicken cecal microbiota 

      Pin Viso, Natalia Daniela; Redondo, Enzo Alejandro; Diaz Carrasco, Juan Maria; Redondo, Leandro Martin; Sabio Y Garcia, Julia Veronica; Fernandez Miyakawa, Mariano Enrique; Farber, Marisa Diana (Public Library of Science, 2021-01)
      The gastrointestinal tract of chickens harbors a highly diverse microbiota contributing not only to nutrition, but also to the physiological development of the gastrointestinal tract. Microbiota composition depends on many ...
    • Impact of chestnut and quebracho tannins on rumen microbiota of bovines 

      Diaz Carrasco, Juan María; Cabral, Claudio; Redondo, Leandro Martín; Pin Viso, Natalia Daniela; Colombatto, Darío; Farber, Marisa Diana; Fernandez Miyakawa, Mariano Enrique (Hindawi, 2017)
      The use of phytogenic dietary additives is being evaluated as a means to improve animal productivity. The effect of tannins seems to be the influence not only directly on the digestive process through binding of dietary ...
    • Tannins and bacitracin differentially modulate gut microbiota of broiler chickens 

      Diaz Carrasco, Juan Maria; Redondo, Enzo Alejandro; Pin Viso, Natalia Daniela; Redondo, Leandro Martin; Farber, Marisa Diana; Fernandez Miyakawa, Mariano Enrique (2018-02)
      Antibiotic growth promoters have been used for decades in poultry farming as a tool to maintain bird health and improve growth performance. Global concern about the recurrent emergence and spreading of antimicrobial ...
    • The role of farm environment and management in shaping the gut microbiota of poultry 

      Diaz Carrasco, Juan Maria; Redondo, Leandro Martin; Casanova, Natalia Andrea; Fernandez Miyakawa, Mariano Enrique (Springer Nature, 2022-01)
      Gut microbiota of poultry assembles from environmental sources mainly determined by farm management decisions such as feed composition, litter handling and sanitation practices, or the use of different feed additives. In ...