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    • BAAD: A biomass and allometry database for woody plants. 

      Falster, Daniel S.; Duursma, Remko A.; Ishihara, Masae I.; Barneche, Diego R.; FitzJohn, Richard G.; Vårhammar, Angelica; Aiba, Masahiro.; Ando, Makoto; Anten, Niels; Aspinwall, Michael J.; Gargaglione, Veronica Beatriz; Peri, Pablo Luis; York, Robert A. (Ecological Society of America, 2015-05-01)
      Understanding how plants are constructed—i.e., how key size dimensions and the amount of mass invested in different tissues varies among individuals—is essential for modeling plant growth, carbon stocks, and energy fluxes ...
    • Physico-chemical properties of plant cuticles and their functional and ecological significance 

      Fernández, Victoria; Bahamonde, Héctor Alejandro; Peguero-Pina, José Javier; Gil-Pelegrín, Eustaquio; Sancho-Knapik, Domingo; Gil, Luis; Goldbach, Heiner E.; Eichert, Thomas (2017-11)
      Most aerial plant surfaces are covered with a lipid-rich cuticle, which is a barrier for the bidirectional transport of substances between the plant and the surrounding environment. This review article provides an overview ...