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    • Biochemical and proteomic analysis of ‘Dixiland’ peach fruit (Prunus persica) upon heat treatment 

      Lara, María Valeria; Borsani, Julia; Budde, Claudio Olaf; Lauxmann, Martín Alexander; Lombardo, Verónica Andrea; Murray, Ricardo Ernesto; Andreo, Carlos Santiago; Drincovich, María Fabiana (Oxford Academic Press, 2009)
      Shipping of peaches to distant markets and storage require low temperature; however, cold storage affects fruit quality causing physiological disorders collectively termed ‘chilling injury’ (CI). In order to ameliorate CI, ...
    • Differential metabolic rearrangements after cold storage are correlated with chilling injury resistance of peach fruits 

      Bustamante, Claudia Anabel; Monti, Laura L.; Gabilondo, Julieta; Scossa, Federico; Valentini, Gabriel Hugo; Budde, Claudio Olaf; Lara, Maria Valeria; Fernie, Alisdair R.; Drincovich, María Fabiana (2016)
      Reconfiguration of the metabolome is a key component involved in the acclimation to cold in plants; however, few studies have been devoted to the analysis of the overall metabolite changes after cold storage of fruits prior ...