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    • Development and assessment of a new cage‐like particle adjuvant 

      Bertona, Daiana; Pujato, Nazarena; Bontempi, Iván; González, Verónica Doris Guadalupe; Cabrera, Gabriel Gustavo; Gugliotta, Luis Marcelino; Hozbor, Daniela Flavia; Nicastro, Alcides; Calvinho, Luis Fernando; Marcipar, Iván Sergio (2017-10)
      Objectives: To obtain and assess stable cage‐like particles with low surface charge density, which can be prepared using a standardized, economic and scalable method. Methods: To form these nanoparticles, the lipid ...
    • Effects of the liposomal co-encapsulation of antigen and PO-CpG oligonucleotide on immune response in mice 

      Reidel, Ivana Gabriela; Garcia, Maria Ines; González, Verónica Doris Guadalupe; Giorello, Antonella; Calvinho, Luis Fernando; Gennaro, Ana Maria; Veaute, Carolina Melania Isabel (International Journal for Research, 2017-06)
      The development of novel vaccines requires the design of new adjuvants able to give long lasting immune responses. Our aim was to obtain cationic liposomes as adjuvants by an industry-suitable method, and evaluate them ...